Submit Your Group’s Awards Selections

Use this form to submit the awards selections for any participants that only have online orders (web store or credit card site). Since these participants do not have any cash or check orders, they will not be turning in order forms.


Create a row for each student then reference the awards brochure to find the # for their desired award from each level. Write the award number into the corresponding box for each level.


For example, write 1 under Lvl A to select the 5lb Bag of Gummi Bears as the student’s desired award for Level A.


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Quick Start Award
Lvl A - 15 items (Enter # 1-4)
Lvl B - 25 items (Enter # 1-8)
Lvl C - 40 items (Enter # 1-4)
Lvl D - 60 items (Enter # 1-4)
Lvl E - 99 items (Enter # 1-4)
To add more rows, click the (+) sign at the end of the row.
I understand that any participants not listed above that only have online orders will receive the default selections for any awards levels they achieve.
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