We Get Secondary School Fundraising

Fundraising is our business—teaching is yours. Since 1978, we’ve helped secondary school groups reach their goals with our easy and effective fundraising.

With You Every Step of The Way

Century Resources is your partner throughout the entire fundraiser. In addition to a Territory Sales Representative, each program is assigned a Customer Service Representative located in our corporate office who manages every detail of your program.

Personalized Web Store

Your Web Store makes it easy for out-of-town family and friends. They simply pay for their item online and the product is shipped directly to them. And we’ll send you a check for the funds raised. Your Web Store will stay open for a year after your campaign ends so that family and friends can find more of the products they love—and you’ll continue to generate funds for your group.

Pay With Smartphone

Customers without cash? No problem. Just scan the QR code on each order form with a smartphone. Customers will be directed to our secure mobile site where they can easily pay with their credit card.

Quality Guarantee

We guarantee our products are of the best quality, and 100% of our food products are made in the United States. Each product is stamped with our toll-free customer service number — if someone isn’t happy, they simply call us. We will refund or replace it no questions ask. Your group will keep the profit, and the student will still receive credit for the sale.

Are You Ready to Start Your Next Fundraiser?