Fundraising Tips & Additional Information to Guide Your Success

Century Resources believes in providing you all of the resources you need to run an easy and effective fundraiser. The information below should answer most of your questions, but if it doesn’t, please contact us today.

Proven Winning Products

The products we offer are time-tested and there is something for everyone. Century Resources annually updates its catalog so we have the  most in-demand products possible. In the rare occurrence that a customer is dissatisfied with a particular product, we will refund their payment and your group will retain 100% of its funds raised.

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FAQ: Get the Answers You Need Now

Get the answers to the most frequently asked fundraising questions, including:

  • Can people order products online?
  • How much can we expect to make?
  • How should we handle an unsatisfied customer?
  • How long should a campaign last?
  • How does tax on fundraising work?
  • Are nutritional facts available?

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How to Fundraise Effectively

We’ve got fundraising down to science! From developing obtainable goals to actual strategy implementation, we have the fundraising tips you need to succeed.

Success Stories

Before embarking on your journey, your team may need a little extra inspiration! That’s why we offer some of our favorite fundraising success stories from a variety of different groups, including dance teams, athletic clubs, choirs, school bands and more.

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About Us: The Century Resources Story

For almost 40 years, Century Resources has been a fundraising mainstay. We’ve adapted throughout that time by creating a winning combination of proper planning, time-tested products and modern fundraising incentives proven to help reach your goals.

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