Lesson Plan For Fundraising Success

We know how busy you are inspiring young people. That’s why we’re committed to helping you reach your fundraising goals easily and effectively. For almost 40 years, we’ve helped more than 10 million young people raise more than $400 million in profit. Century Resources isn’t just a fundraising program; we’re your fundraising partner.

Get Started With Your Next Fundraiser

Take Our 5 Easy Steps

1. Motivate Students

Our Kickoff Presentation prepares and energizes students. We’ll equip everyone with a personalized Plan of Action that guides them through the sale, and we’ll provide a Parent Letter that explains how the program works and why we’re doing it.

2. Take Orders

We’ll give students everything they need. From our product brochures to our order envelopes, we’ve designed everything to be both easy and effective. At the end of the sale, just collect the order forms and send them back in the provided prepaid envelope. That’s it.

3. Distribute Products

Each order is processed through our QuickCount and RediSort® systems, giving us a 99.97% accuracy rate, the highest in the industry. You’ll receive your orders in our RediSort® Boxes – compact, easy-to-carry boxes that are individually labeled and alphabetized – making it easy for verification and distribution.

4. Collect Payment

Everything that students need to collect payment is included in the RediSort® boxes. And you can easily track payments and profit breakdowns with our online CashTrac® tool.

5. Distribute Awards

Congratulate your students on their hard work and distribute their awards! Our awards brochure is created specifically for secondary school students. Awards are shipped to you separated by each student for easy distribution.

Learn more about the Century Resources' fundraising process today!