We’re Fundraising Veterans

Century Resources has been dedicated to being a fundraising veteran with JROTC programs for years. From uniforms, to equipment, to trips, JROTC groups depend on a lot of moving pieces to continue providing educational opportunities for students. That’s why we’re committed to helping JROTC programs reach their fundraising goals.

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It All Starts With Choosing The Right Ally

With almost 40 years of experience in the field, we’ve learned what it takes to craft a successful fundraiser. Our program is designed to help you reach your group’s fundraising goals easily and effectively. From day one, you can depend on us. We help you each step of the way – from the moment you schedule your fundraiser, to delivery day, to collecting payments from members.

Stockpile Profits & Minimize Your Time

A successful fundraiser maximizes your profits while minimizing your time. Since our inception, we have helped over 10 million young people raise more than $400 million in fundraising profits. This has been achieved through our proven and effective processes, attention to detail and exceptional customer service.

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A Cache of In-Demand Products

We have something for everyone, from sweet treats to smoked meats and everything in between. Confidence is critical to sell effectively.  That’s why we update our products annually to include only the best sellers, and offer a 100% money-back guarantee on everything your group sells.

“This was a good experience. Your sales rep did an awesome job with his presentation and follow up.”

-Timothy G., Northwest HS ROTC, Clarksville, TN

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