Founded by Educators for Educators

Century Resources was founded in 1978 by educators who understand that youth programs are life-changing experiences. We know the important role fundraising plays in supporting those experiences, and that’s why our mission for more than 35 years has been to help educators reach their fundraising goals.


Your Fundraising Partner

Century Resources is your partner throughout the entire program, and we’ll be with you every step of the way. In addition to your Territory Sales Representative, you’ll have a Customer Service Representative located in our corporate office who will manage every detail of your program.

Easy & Effective 5-Step Plan

The Century Resources 5-Step Plan was developed to help educators successfully reach their fundraising goals easily and effectively. We’ll provide everything you need, from prepaid collection envelopes to a Plan of Action that guides students through each step.

Funds Raised

By designing a program that best fits your group, we’ll help maximize your profits while minimizing your time and effort. That’s how we’ve helped more than 10 million young people raise more than $400 million in profit.

For more information about Century Resource's history or to become a partner: