7 Ways to Get Your Community’s Support

A collaborative partnership between parents, families, educators and communities is how you ensure that all students, from pre-K- to high school, have the support and resources they need to succeed in school and beyond.

You’ll need widespread support to raise the necessary funds for your group. How do you go about getting the community to buy into your fundraiser? Here are a few tips from the experts.

  1. Most individuals just aren’t aware of how much their support impacts your group. People are drawn to fundraising for a cause; it’s human nature to want to help a group in need in their community. You simply need to inform your community why you are doing the fundraiser and they will stand behind your cause.
  2. Engage your community in public where they spend the most time. They will not come to you.  Aside from going door-to-door, these are the types of places where your group will receive the most orders – a church, a restaurant, a place of business, etc.
  3. Communicate with the community using a variety of channels. Share information about your upcoming fundraiser on the events calendar of your group, school, and school district. Century Resources helps spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, and via email. Share and Retweet these messages throughout your fundraiser for the best results.
  4. Inform the community about easy payment methods. Customers without cash? Not a problem! Customers can scan the QR code located in the back of every Century Resources brochure and pay with a credit card via smartphone.
  5. Whether you live in a small or large community, your personalized Web Store makes it easy for out-of-town family and friends. Simply pay online, and the products will be delivered directly to their door. Students still receive credit for their online orders and the group still receives its profit.
  6. Your community can order with confidence when all products are backed with a 100% quality guarantee. In the rare occurrence that a customer is dissatisfied with a product, Century will refund their payment and your group will retain 100% of the profit.
  7. Share your success! Achieving your goal is not the end of your fundraiser. Supporters want to know the outcome. Consider wrapping up your fundraiser by updating your supporters and expressing gratitude.  Reward your community for their involvement, invite them to the performance or event their funds helped produce, share pictures or anecdotes from your group, or host an event at the new facility they helped your group or school attain.

Follow these steps during your next fundraiser, you’ll be set up to reach your group’s goal!