Don’t Go at it Alone

 Tony Stark has Pepper Potts.  Ozzy has Sharon.  Elvis had Colonel Tom Parker.  Most of the time, the greats just don’t do it alone. There’s a manager for the distractions, a partner in crime, a coach with advice as you need it, or a great friend that has your back and makes sure the details don’t get in the way of the task at hand.

Think about the friend who tells you when you’re dating someone that’s no good. The one who helps you move to a new house. The one who reminds you to submit your tax return before April 15th.  These are the type of people who work for Century Resources, the leading fundraising company for middle and high school groups.

We genuinely mean it when we say Century Resources is your partner throughout your entire fundraising program.   You’ll have a Territory Sales Representative, plus you’ll be assigned a Customer Service Representative located in our corporate office who manages every detail of your program around the clock.   For almost 40 years, we’ve helped young people raise more than $400 million in profit. You might say once you’ve booked your fundraiser, you’ve got a new BFF.

Rather than have us tell you how great we are, here is what some of our sponsors had to say about our fundraising professionals over the last year:

They’re reliable.

“I have worked with her in the past and she is amazing! From start to finish, she was helpful in every way. Very timely responses and solutions. SHE is what will bring me back to Century Resources.”

They’re not afraid to roll their sleeves up.

“My sales representative drove 2 hours to help me at delivery. Then, she jumped up on the truck and started helping hand boxes to kids who were helping unload. Awesome!“

They’re resourceful.

“Three schools in my county had the fundraiser at the same time. I appreciate our representative combining shipping for all schools’ products into one shipment to save shipping charges for all schools. It was a great idea.”

They’re just really, really nice folks.

“My rep and customer service rep are the best. I appreciate all their work very much, and plan on using Century Resources again from the personable representatives. Thanks!”

They should take our jobs. Wait, what?

“He should be the boss of this company. He seriously is the number one reason I use Century Resources.”

We actually have “the man” here at Century Resources.

“He is the man. So helpful and professional. He does an absolutely astounding job.”

We’re going to stop now. We’re blushing.

In all seriousness, our team at Century can’t wait to meet you and your students.  Go ahead and give them a ring.  Your fundraising wingman (or wingwoman) is waiting, and we would love to learn more about you!

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