Making Peace with the Necessary Evil: Fundraising

gleeAh, the start of school. A fresh beginning with well-rested students and the runway to try out all the new ideas that you developed during your summer “off”.  

As the first days approach, reality sets in. You recall the budget discussions from the Spring, and your brow furrows, frustrated that your Glee/Drumline/High School Musical fantasy scenario isn’t going to be as easy as you’d hoped. The budget (or lack thereof) from your district is in front of you – and the district has decided what you see is what you get.

What are you going to do? The urgency to get more funding comes in waves…

The pricing for sheet music? It’s insane. You start to wonder if throwback Thursday can be the theme of your Spring concert this year.

You’re due for a trip.

You want to provide experiences students will remember for years to come, like Disney or the Macy’s Parade, but your budget can currently support a few sets of mouse ears and a walk in the park.

Instruments have hit the repair/replace pile.

The marching band is missing a tuba, but you quickly realize buying one is going to cost you about the same amount that people sell their organs for on the black market…and not the instrument kind.

Your uniforms have holes patched, your risers are dubious when it comes to safety, and you already hear the chorus of “why can’t we…” in the back of your head. There’s a million and one things to think about, from small expenses to big ones that make the music experience better and more competitive with your surrounding districts.

So there it is. The dreaded “F” word…fundraising.

Your heart starts to race just thinking about it. The tidal wave of parent calls, the order forms and collections, the delivery headache, the questions and questions and questions. Is it worth it?

Yes, it is!. You’ve got this. Picture your jazz band drawing in the crowd playing a rendition – complete with improv solos – of “The Blues Brothers”; the marching band, tuba included, walking in the Macy’s Parade; the chorus performing at the state fair.

We’ve all been there, Century Resources included, since we were founded by a band director. Our program is designed to be worry-free because we’ve been in your shoes. With our proven and effective programs, we help groups just like yours turn those great, seemingly impossible ideas into a reality.

Cut to your next scene: it’s the first day of school, and the minute you see those faces, you know what you need to do, because there’s no way you’re letting them down. Go get ‘em, tiger.


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